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Picture of AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-10makam Ahmad Al-Muhajir

AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-10 (son of ISA.ARUMI-9) was born Abt. 874 in 260H, Basrah, Iraq, and died Abt. 957 in 345H, Hasys, Yamen.

 Includes NotesNotes for AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-10:
born in Basra, Iraq 260H. Ahmad Al-Muhajir died 345H (Abt.957 G) in Hasys, Yemen, at 85 years of age.
Distinguished noble, scholar, God fearing, head of Alids ( head of the descendents of the Prophet in Iraq) and a very rich noble possessing acres of farms and real estate in Basra, Imam Ahmed Al Muhajry was the first to immigrate to Hadhramout, and was knighted as Imam Ahmad Al Muhajry, meaning Imam Ahmad the Immigrant. Born in 260H in Basra, Imam Ahmad decided to immigrate to Hadhramout in 320H together with his son, Ubaidillah, his grandson Busry bin Ubaidillah, sons of his uncles relatives from Al Ahdal and Bani Qadym families and friends and relatives amounting to 73 people. He eventually settled in a town called Hasys and spent the rest of his life until he died in 345H. The reason of his immigration from Basra, giving up his leadership, wealth and affluence to settled in a remote undeveloped country, Hadhramout was the immerging of extreme and fanatic groups of Mu'utazil, Qadiriya, Hululiyah, Dahriya, Azraqiya, Qaranit and the Azaariqah who were insulting Sayyidna Uthman, Imam Ali, Sayid Twaha, Sayid Zubyr, Sayyidatina Aisha and Muawiya. It was during this period of civil strife that the killings of Sufi scholars took place. Scholars like Sayyid Husein Mansur Halaj were murdered in cold blood. The moguls up rise, who invaded Basra, looted and raped women followed this. Imam Ahmed was afraid that his offsprings and family members might be influenced with these innovations and fanatic ideas. He decided to immigrate with his entire family leaving behind his only son, Muhammad to look after his properties. He was convinced that Hadhramout was the best venue, uninfluenced from outside innovations. After settling in Hadhramout, within a short period, Imam Ahmed succeeded in establishing Sunni sect throughout the region.

Children of AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-10 are:
  1. +ABDULLAH.UBAIDILLAH-11, b., Basrah, Iraq, d., 383H, Hadramaut, Yemen.
  2. Muhammad-AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-11.


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