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ISA.ARUMI-9 (son of MUHAMMAD.ANAGIB-8)was born in Madinah, Have 30 Boys, 5 Girls,.

 Includes NotesNotes for ISA.ARUMI-9:
AlHabib Isa Al-Rumi became the father of Ahmad al-muhajir in Basra, Iraq, 260H. AlHabib Isa inherited the qualities of his father and occupied his seat as The head of the Alids. He had the charisma, striking personality and the quality of leadership. He was accepted scholar who masters various disciplines. His contemporaries and historians noted his contribution and praised him. He had blue eyes and reddish white complexion of her mother, who was from Byzantine (Roman). AlHabib Isa, because of complexion was known as Isa Al Rumi (Isa from Byzantine). He was also known as Issa Al Azraq (Issa the blue eyes). He had 30 boys and 5 girls from various wives he married. Out of 30 boys, Ahmad was the youngest.

Children of ISA.ARUMI-9 are:
  1. +AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-10, b. Abt. 874, 260H, Basrah, Iraq, d. Abt. 957, 345H, Hasys, Yamen.


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