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Picture of MUHAMMAD AL.FAGIH.ALMUGADAM-ALI-18Makam Sayidina Al-Faqih Al-Muqoddam Muhammad

MUHAMMAD AL.FAGIH.ALMUGADAM-ALI-18 (son of ALI-MUH.SHOHIB.MARBAT-17)was born in 574H-Tarim,Hadramaut, died in 653H-Tarim, Hadhramut.

 Includes NotesNotes for MUHAMMAD AL.FAGIH.ALMUGADAM-ALI-18:
AlHabib Muhammad was born in Tarim, Hadhramaut 574H. Muhammad died 653H in Tarim, Hadhramut.
Muhammad bin Ali (574H - 653H) was titled The Father of Tarim, The Great Professor and the Forefront Jurisprudence (Al Faqih Al Muqadam)., title and honour not given to any one before him. He was deeply versed in theology, exegesis of the science of Traditions (Ilmu Al Hadith) of the Prophet, and in jurisprudence. He was an orator, a forceful instructor and an excellent interpreter of Islamic law (Mufti). He combined between traditional knowledge and rational knowledge. AlHabib Muhammad Al Faqih had written a number of dissertations and a book, which consists of case study of 300 questions, which he was asked on various issues. He counts a number of eminent Imams as his students, and among them are Imam Abdullah bin Muhamad bin Abdul Rahman Baabad, Imam Abdul Rahman bin Muhamad bin Abdul Rahman Ba abad, Imam Abdalla bin Ibrahim Ba qshuayn, Imam Said bin Omar Ba'alhaaf, Imam Ibrahim bin Yahya Ba fadhil, Imam Ali bin Muhamad Al Khatyb and his 5 sons, who all were noted Imams. As a Father of Tarim he was literally feeding the poor, giving them one thousand pound of dates daily. His house was a shelter to the refugees, strangers and travelers. His wife Hababah Zainab was his right hand on his service to the people and giving out charity and annual alms (Zakat) until she was titled The Mother of the poor - Umi Al fuqaraa As a Spiritual Leader, AlHAbib Muhammad Al Faqih Al Muqadam was the pioneer who introduced Sufism in Hadhramaut. His immense spiritual stature, scholarship, his compassionate attitude to the mass and a man of the people - The Father of Tarim, enable his new Sufi order to have the mass followers of all his descendents and the people of Tarim and the entire province of Hadhramaut. The order was known as Ba-Alawi order. Sufism as a school of thought was not known in Tarim. AlHabib Muhammad Al Faqih Al Muqadam introduced and implemented Alawy order through his inward and outward spiritual connection. With regard to inward spiritual connections, authentic traditions have it that AlHabib Muhammad Al Faqih Al Muqadam was in constant union with the Prophet and holy men who had passed away. As with regard to outward spiritual connections, AlHabib Muhammad Al Faqih Al Muqadam received two chains of spiritual connections up to the Prophet. The first chain of connection is through Alawy connections, from his father, grand father and great grand father upwards up to the Prophet. The second connection was through orthodox Sufi chain, where he received a Khirqa from Abu Madyan Al Maghriby, and Abu Madyan received from Sheikh Aby Ya'azy Al Maghriby, and Aby Ya'azy from Sheikh Aby Al Hassan bin Harzham, and Aby Al Hassan from Imam Abu Bakar bin Abdullah bin Al Raby Al Maghafry, and Ibn Al Raby from Imam Al Ghazaly, and Al Ghazaly from Imam Al Haramyn Abu Talib Al Maky, and Imam Al Haramyn from his father Imam Al Juwayni, and Imam Al Juwayni from Abu Talib Maky, and Abu Talib Maky from Shibly, and Shibly from Imam Al Junaedi, and Imam Junaedi from Asyry Al Saqty, and Asyry Al Saqty from Maaruf Al Kharqy, and Maaruf Al Kharqy from Daud Al Tayi, and Daud Al Tayi from Habib Al Ajamy, and Habib Al Ajamy from AlHabib Hassan Al Busry, and AlHasan Hassan Al Busry from Imam Ali ra., and Imam Ali ra. from Prophet Muhammad saw May Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon Him, and Prophet from Angel Jibril, and Jibril from The Almighy Allah. He had 5 sons; Alwi, Ahmad, Ali, Abdullah, and Abdurrahman.

  1. +ALWI AL.GHOYUR-19, d. 619, 619H.


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