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Picture of ALWI-UBAIDILLAH-12Makam Sayidina Alwi bin Ubaidillah

ALWI-UBAIDILLAH-12 (son of ABDULLAH.UBAIDILLAH-11 and _Fulanah--Muhammad-Isa.Ar-Rumi) died in Hadramaut, Yamen.

 Includes NotesNotes for ALWI-UBAIDILLAH-12:
AlHAbib Alwi became the father of Muhammad in Basmal, Yemen, 390H. Alwi was the first to be born in Hadhramout, and all the descendents of AlHabib Alwi are referred as ALAWIYIN / BA-ALAWI. Ba is strictly a Hadhramy word meaning ' the descendents of'. As a young boy, AlHabib Alwi was very studious and intelligent. He memorized the holy Qu'an at the very early age. He became one of the greatest ascetic theologian scholars among his contemporaries. He had only one son, Muhammad.
The term ALAWIYIN / BA 'ALAWI refers to the descendents of AlHabib Alwi bin Ubaidillah bin Ahmad Al-Muhajir bin 'Isa Arumi. AlHabib Ahmad bin 'Isa, who was also known as Al-Muhajir, left Basra in Iraq for Hadhramaut in Southern Yamen with his family and followers. AlHabib Alwi, the son of AlHabib Ubaidillah and the grandson of AlHabib Ahmad bin 'Isa was the first to be born in Hadhramaut, and those of his descendents adopted the name of ALAWIYIN / BA 'ALAWI, which is a shortened form of "Bani Alawi" meaning the descendents of Alawi. The name ALAWIYIN / BA 'ALAWI also serves to separate this group of Habaib families from the other branches of the lineage that originates from Prophet Muhammad . The Aali Alawi are also accorded the title of Sadah (the plural of Sayid). This term indicates that they are the direct descendents of the Prophet Muhammad saw PBUH, from AlHabib Hussein ra bin AlHabib Ali karommallah wa'jah. As
the term Syarief (Some also use Sayid) indicates direct descendents from AlHabib Hasan ra bin Alhabib Ali karommallah wa'jah.
Today the ALAWIYIN / BA'ALAWI are found in most parts of the world: Middle East, Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), Indian Subcontinent, Africa and even in the Far West (Europe and America) as well as the Far East (China) adopting these places as their new homes.

Children of ALWI-UBAIDILLAH-12 are:
  1. +MUHAMMAD-ALWI-13, b., 390H-Basmal, Yemen, d., 446H-Bayt Jubair, Yemen..


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