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SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-ALI-ABITHOLIB-3(RA) (son of SAIDINA*ALI-ABITHOLIB-ABDULMUTHOLIB-2(RA) and FATIMAH.AZZAHRA-2(RAh)) was born 626 in 1Sha'ban3H, Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and died 680 in 61/64H, Karbala, Iraq.

Hussein b. Ali b. Abi Tholib was born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia 4H. Imam died 64H in Karbala, Iraq.
Hussein, the second son of Ali b. Abi Tholib was born in 4H and was martyred in Karbala in 64H. Scholars of genealogy have different account of the Imam's children. Ibn Aanabah said Hussein had 4 boys and 3 girls while Al Amiry said he had 6 boys and 3 girls, but they all agree that Ali Zainal-Abidin was the only survival of his sons.
Hussein had the following children:
i. Ali Zainal-Abidin .
ii. Ali Al-akbar
iii. Ali Al-asghar
iv. Ubaydillah
v. Muhammad
vi. Jaafar
vii. Zainab
viii. Sukainah
ix. Fatmah

Imam Hussein had married five times. The names of his wives are:
1. Shahr Banu the daughter of Yazd Gurd, the last emperor of Iran. Zainal Abidin a.s. was her son. She died within ten days of birth.
2. Rabab was the daughter of Imra'u Al Qays the chief of the tribe of Kinda. Rabab was the mother of Sakinah and the baby Abdullah (also called Ali Asghar). She was present in Karbala with Hussein a.s. and died after one year of return to Medinah after the tragedy of Karbala.
3. Laila was the daughter of Abu Murra, the son of Urwah bin Mas'ud Al Thaqafi. Her mother was Maemunah, the daughter of Abu Sufyan and thus she was the cousin of Yazid. Her aunt Umm Sa'id, daughter of Urwah was a wife of Saidina Ali a.s.. Laila was the mother of Ali Akbar. According to scholars she was not alive at the time of the Tragedy of Karbala. Her name has not been mentioned in the old books written about Karbala. Nor was her name mentioned in the court of Yazid and there is no account of anyone blaming Yazid for imprisoning his own cousin.
4. Umm Ishaq was the daughter of Talhah bin Ubaydillah Taimi and she is the mother of Fatimah Kubra.
5. Quda'iyah was from the the tribe of Quda'ah. She gave birth to one child Ja'far who died in Childhood.

  1. +ALI.ZAINALABIDIN-4, b. 656, 36H, d. 713, 93H, Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
  2. zz-Ali*Al-Akbar-SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  3. zz-Ali*Al-Asghar-SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  4. zz-Ubaidillah-SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  5. zz-Muhammad-SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  6. zz-Ja'far-SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  7. zz-_Zainab--SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  8. zz-_Sukainah--SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.
  9. zz-_Fatmah--SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-4.


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